Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm still alive

Yes, it is true. I made it a whole 30 minutes at the gym without dying. My time on the treadmill and cycle did put my being completely out of shape on display for everyone around to see, and while I would usually be embarrassed about my fat arms or rolls in my workout clothes, I felt relief.

Relief that I had made it to the gym, despite my 5000 excuses, relief that I can walk and even jog a little on the treadmill, albeit not for very long, and relief that I've committed myself to a healthier and happier me.

The gym may have won this round (as evidenced by my sweating profusely and generally feeling like I was going to die) but one day, I will be the victor.

Every time I take a step on the treadmill, I know that I am stepping towards my future.

On a different subject, I managed to stay on track with my eating today as well. I started the day with some celery and yogurt, which is a lighter breakfast than normal, but it kept me full until lunch. My lunch was a cobb salad minus the eggs and blue cheese, and I've made a low calorie turkey chili for dinner that I'm really looking forward to.



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